International Arbitration

What we can do for you:
  • Acting in international arbitration with International Commercial Arbitration Court (MKAS) under the RF Trade and Industry Chamber and other domestic arbitral institutes

  • International arbitration administered by foreign tribunals (ICC, HKIAC, LCIA, DIS, ASA, Vienna, Stockholm, Singapore, etc.) and ad hoc arbitration with and without institutional support (under UNCITRAL Rules, etc.)

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation, settlement, dispute boards


  • Arbitration agreements, hybrid, multi-tiered and carve-out dispute resolution clauses 


  • Assistance in choice, interviewing and challenge of arbitrators, witness examination and witness written statements, expert appointment, document production 


  • Construction arbitration


  • Corporate, post-M&A and joint venture arbitration


  • Investor-state arbitration


  • Interim injunctions and anti-suit measures


  • Execution and challenging of foreign and domestic judgements and arbitral awards


Last arbitration disputes, in which we have acted for the client, include, inter alia:


  • Acting for an international construction company with regard to payment of construction works and recovery of damages for an African construction project (EUR 170,000,000), incl. efficient challenge of an arbitrator and one of the first consolidations of several MKAS proceedings.


  • Acting for a German distributor in an arbitration before International Commercial Arbitration Court (MKAS) under the RF Trade and Industry Chamber with regard to recovery of damages due to defective goods.

  • Acting for another German distributor in a MKAS arbitration (EUR 800,000) with regard to recovery of purchase price for agricultural machinery.

  • ​Acting in international arbitration dispute for a Turkish construction company with regard to payment of construction works and recovery of damages for an African construction project (EUR 60,000,000).​

  • Acting for a German engineering company in EUR 5,2 mln. MKAS arbitration, incl. challenge of an arbitrator.

  • Acting in international arbitration dispute for a foreign engineering company with regard to payment of design works for an African construction project (EUR 70,000,000).

  • Acting for a German pharmaceutical company in three successful arbitrations with regard to delivery of goods before the Arbitration Court of the Industry and Trade Chamber of the City of Moscow.

  • Serving as Russian law expert witness on issues of Russian statute of limitations in a commercial arbitration dispute in Hamburg, Germany (in 2017). 

  • Preparation of detailed report for a Philippine company in relation to obtaining of testimony from a Moscow-based international organization for a foreign court dispute with regard to a debt from consortium credit (US $11,000,000).

  • Serving as tribunal secretary in MKAS commercial arbitrations with EUR 1.4 mln. aggregate claim amount. 

  • Advising a foreign construction company on issues of investment treaty arbitration against a state before Arbitration Court of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris.

  • Acting for a German trade company in a commercial arbitration regarding payment of the delivered rolled steel products in MKAS.


  • Acting for an Italian supplier in another commercial arbitration in MKAS.


  • Successful settlement of a pre-arbitration dispute with a Dutch architect company under FIDIC White Book 2006.


  • Acting for a Latvian commercial seaport in an arbitration with MKAS and in criminal proceedings before Moscow public prosecution service with regard to falsification of a loan agreement.


  • Acting as a procedural lawyer for the major German chemical manufacturer in enforcement of the Vienna arbitration awards in Krasnodar and Stavropol ordinary state courts (approx. US $2,000,000).


  • Acting for a German machinery plant in enforcement of the Stockholm arbitration award in Moscow.


  • Acting for a German trade company in enforcement of the Duesseldorf arbitration award in Moscow.


  • Advising a metallurgical plant on settlement of disputes against the Polish insurance agency in International Commercial Chamber arbitration, Paris.

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As an experienced trial litigator, Rustem Karimullin, MCIArb (London branch) concentrates on international commercial, construction, corporate and other complex arbitrations in Russia and abroad. For instance, recently he is acting for some international companies in ICAC (MKAS) arbitration cases. Rustem has learnt from the best with training from CIArb, Paris Arbitration Academy, College of Law of England and Wales, The Hague, Washington D.C., Duesseldorf and other arbitration specialized courses. Also, he is engaged as an arbitrator in foreign arbitration tribunals, including Vienna International Arbitration Centre, Austria (VIAC), an arbitrator at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Russian law expert witness in foreign arbitrations (e.g., in Hamburg) and as MKAS arbitration tribunal secretary. Rustem has held presentation on the new 2015 Russian Arbitration Acts, inter alia before DIS Secretariat in Cologne,  HKIAC Secretariat in Hong Kong, one-day practice seminars for legal practioners in Germany and Austria, acted as an arbitrator in moots, such as the 2017 Vienna VIS Moot, accomplished arbitration practice internships at HKIAC in Hong Kong and DIS Secretariat in Cologne, published articles and posts on issues of international arbitration in English, German and Russian. Also, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the famous Russian specialist journals International Commercial Arbitration Review and Commercial Arbitration.


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