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Labor Law

What we can do for you:
  • Drafting bilingual service agreements with corporate directors and employment agreements with other personnel


  • Assisting in employees transfers, changes to labor agreements and redundancies


  • Secondment


  • Bilingual internal work, confidential information and other company employment regulations


  • Elaboration of incentive programs


  • Elaboration and implementing of stock option plans


  • Legal due diligence of labor documentation


  • Termination of employment


  • Acting for clients in employment disputes before courts and in administrative proceedings involving labor inspectorates

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Our recent labor law assignments include:



  • Acting for the dismissed general director in a EUR $1,000,000 litigation regarding recovery of compensation and other labour payments as well as recovery of moral damage.


  • Current advising of a German-Russian JV company on all labor law issues, including use of secondary job and fixed-term labor contracts, dismissal due to staff reduction, the presonnel relocation, work permits, etc.


  • Assisting a German window profiles manufacturer in challenge of the fabricated employment agreement for the lawyer of its subsidiary OOO, as well as criminal proceedings against the OOO general director.


  • Acting for a subsidiary of a UK holding company in court disputes concerning dismissal of the manager in Moscow, its current assisting on issues of employment and dismissal, drafting of employment agreements.


  • Acting for an Austrian company in substitution of the executive director of its Moscow-located subsidiary, preparation of documents.


  • Acting for a German company in dismissal of the general director of its subsidiary OOO (on the basis of application of the employee) and recovery of the company documents and property.


  • Advising a Swiss company on transfer of the employees from its representative to the branch office.


  • Assisting a German company in substitution of the head of the representative office and the general director, termination of the consultancy services’ agreement, recovery of the company car, etc.


  • Assisting another German company on various issues of labour law, including transfer of employees to secondary job’s performance, preparation of the employment agreement and job instruction (compliance) for the general director of the subsidiary OOO, dismissals.

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